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Spring Afterschool

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Registration Opening SOON

September 13th - Nov 17th 2022
Tues/Wed/Thurs @ 

K-5th grade

OB Dog Beach

At Ocean School, summer's not over yet!!!

We are so lucky to have Locals' Summer from September-November as the weather tends to stay beautiful and sunny and the beaches are much less crowded. It's the best season for surfing in San Diego and our favorite time of the year!


This program is for kinder-5th grade students who love the ocean and are stoked to learn to surf or add on to their existing surf practice.


The Locals’ Summer Surf Program includes a land lesson and in-water surf instruction with ISA surf coaches each day.

Kids will learn: ocean safety, the fundamentals of surfing (paddling, popping up, catching and riding waves), practical knowledge about the ocean and surfing (IE: tide/wind/swell, reading waves, surf etiquette, beach/reef/point breaks etc.), surf-related cross-training (IE: indo board balance, functional exercises, running, yoga), ocean conservation, body awareness, positive body image, the power of setting intentions & goals, ocean conservation and taking care of our beach.

Our intention is for students to benefit physically, mentally and emotionally from our programs. We provide the set and setting for kids to understand and regulate their emotions, boost self-confidence, communicate more effectively, build lasting friendships and supportive community in the waves.

Surfing offers an abundance of fundamental life skills, including self-confidence, self-esteem, physical and mental strength, vigor, balance and coordination, interaction and communication, patience, gratitude, access to flow state and single-pointed focus.


Our goal is that students take these skills onto land to navigate through life’s challenges with strength and ease.

What to bring: surf board*, full wetsuit*, water bottle, sunscreen, towel, flip flops

*Not required. We have 8 ft beginner foam boards & full suits for kids to borrow.


Session 1 (5 weeks): 9/13-15; 9/20-22; 9/27-29; 10/4-6; 10/11-13
$975 for 3 days/week

$700 for 2 days/week

$375 for 1 day/week

Session 2 (5 weeks): 10/18-20; 10/25-27; 11/1-3; 11/8-10; 11/15-17

$975 for 3 days/week

$700 for 2 days/week

$375 for 1 day/week

Week-by-Week Pricing:

$210 for 3 days/week

$150 for 2 days/week

$80 for 1 day/week

  • Payment plans available upon request.

  • Sibling discount: take 20% off second sibling.

  • Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Cash or Check are acceptable forms of payment.

Typical daily schedule (2 hours):
3:00-3:15 Opening circle: warm-up/intentions & goals for the day
3:15-3:45 Land lesson: surf cross-training, sports, functional exercises
3:45-4:45 In-water surf lesson
4:45-5:00 Closing circle: reflection, lesson review & feedback
5:00 Parents pick up

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