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Fall 2024 "Locals' Summer" Surf Afterschool


Photos by Gifted Studio Photography


August 20th - October 10th 2024
Tuesdays: 3:20-5:20PM

Wed & Thurs: 1:15-3:15PM & 3:20-5:20PM

K-5th grade

OB Dog Beach

At Ocean School, summer's not over yet!!!

We are so lucky to have our "Locals' Summer" as the weather tends to stay beautiful and sunny and the beaches are much less crowded. It's the best season for surfing in San Diego and our favorite time of the year!


This program is ideal for first-time, beginner or advanced beginner surfers who are excited to learn or improve their surfing and spark friendships in a supportive community in the waves.


Locals’ Summer Surf Afterschool Program includes a land lesson and in-water surf instruction with ISA surf coaches each day. Boards and full wetsuits are also provided as needed.

Kids will learn: ocean safety, the fundamentals of surfing (paddling, popping up, catching and riding waves), practical knowledge about the ocean and surfing (IE: tide/wind/swell, reading waves, surf etiquette, beach/reef/point breaks etc.), surf-related cross-training (IE: indo board balance, functional exercises, running, breathwork and stretching), ocean conservation, body awareness, positive body image, the power of setting intentions & goals, ocean conservation and taking care of our beach.

Fall 2024 Dates:

Session 1 (4 weeks) 8/20-22; 8/27-29; 9/3-5; 9/10-12

Session 2 (4 weeks): 9/17-19; 9/24-26; 10/1-10/3; 10/8-10

Meeting times:

Tuesdays: 3:20-5:20p

Wednesdays: 1:15-3:15p & 3:20-5:20p

Thursdays: 1:15-3:15p & 3:20-5:20p


Session 1 (4 weeks) 8/20-22; 8/27-29; 9/3-5; 9/10-12

$1,120 for 4 days/week

$864 for 3 days/week

$616 for 2 days/week

$328 for 1 day/week

Session 2 (4 weeks): 9/17-19; 9/24-26; 10/1-10/3; 10/8-10

$1,120 for 4 days/week

$864 for 3 days/week

$616 for 2 days/week

$328 for 1 day/week

Week-by-Week Pricing:

$300 for 4 days/week

$240 for 3 days/week

$170 for 2 days/week

$90 for 1 day/week

WED/THURS DOUBLE DEAL: (sign up for both 1:15-3:15p & 3:20-5:20p): $60 flat rate for second session

  • Price is sliding scale and payment plans are available.

  • Sibling discount: take 20% off second sibling.

  • Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Cash or Check are acceptable forms of payment.


Typical daily schedule (2 hours):
3:20-3:30 Settling in/child-led games while children arrive
3:30-3:45 Opening circle: check-in/intentions & goals for the day

3:45-4:30 Land lesson: warm-ups, surf training games, wave check & safety lesson for the day

4:30-5:05 In-water surf lesson
5:00-5:20 Closing circle: reflection, lesson review & feedback
5:20 Parents pick up


Cancellation/Refund Policy:

- Security deposits are non-refundable.

- Cancellation must be made 24 hours before the start of the session to receive a refund. Once the session begins, no refund will be given.


- During the session, if you cannot attend a class due to illness, travel etc. no refund or makeup of the class can be made.


- If Ocean School needs to cancel class for any reason, we will make every attempt to make up the class at another date. If this is not possible, the class will be refunded.

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