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Spring Surf Afterschool 2023



May 2nd - June 1st, 2023
s/Wed/Thurs @ 3:30PM-5:30PM

K-5th grade

OB Dog Beach

Get ready to surf and play at the beach afterschool!!!


This program is for kinder-5th grade students who love the ocean and are stoked to learn to surf or add on to their existing surf practice and build ocean-loving friendships and community around the ocean.


Spring Afterschool Surf program includes a land lesson and in-water surf instruction with ISA-accredited surf coaches each day.

Kids will learn: ocean safety, the fundamentals of surfing (paddling, popping up, catching and riding waves), practical knowledge about the ocean and surfing (IE: tide/wind/swell, reading waves, surf etiquette, beach/reef/point breaks etc.), surf-related cross-training (IE: indo board balance, functional exercises, running, yoga), ocean conservation, body awareness, positive body image, the power of setting intentions & goals, ocean conservation and taking care of our beach.

Surfing offers an abundance of fundamental life skills, including self-confidence, self-esteem, physical and mental strength, vigor, balance and coordination, interaction and communication, patience, gratitude, access to flow state and single-pointed focus.


We strive to teach children valuable skills that they will utilize for the rest of their lives.

What to bring: surf board*, full wetsuit*, water bottle, sunscreen, towel, flip flops

*Not required. We have 8 ft beginner foam boards & full suits for kids to borrow.


MAY (5 weeks): 5/2-4; 5/9-11; 5/16-18; 5/23-25; 5/30-6/1

$1050 for 3 days/week

$750 for 2 days/week

$400 for 1 day/week

Week-by-Week Pricing:

$225 for 3 days/week

$160 for 2 days/week

$85 for 1 day/week



  • Payment plans available upon request.

  • Sibling discount: take 20% off second sibling.

  • Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, Cash or Check are acceptable forms of payment.


What to bring: surf board*, full wetsuit*, water bottle, sunscreen, towel, flip flops

*If you would like to borrow a 8 ft beginner foam board & full suit, please let us know

Typical daily schedule (2 hours):
3:30-3:45 Opening circle: warm-up/intentions & goals for the day
3:45-4:15 Land lesson: surf cross-training, beach games & functional exercises
4:15-5:15 In-water surf lesson
5:15-5:30 Closing circle: reflection, lesson review & feedback
5:30 Parents pick up

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