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Surf Lessons


Year round, our surf instructors offer private and group surf lessons for all ages. Our surf instructors are ISA-accredited, Lifeguarding and First Aid/CPR certified. They are also passionate, stoked and experienced surfers themselves :) No matter what your surf skill level is, our high-quality instructors will help you achieve all of your goals for surfing. Learn more about our surf instructors here

Surf Lessons are 1 hour-1 hour 15 mins in duration


General format of our lessons:

0:00-0:05 Meet and greet, review ocean safety and lesson expectations

0:05-0:20 On land warm-up/stretch and training

0:20-1:00 In water practice

1:00-1:15 Cool down, lesson review/feedback


Private (one-on-one) $80

Semi-private lesson (2-3 students) $75 per student

Group lesson (4-6 students) $70 per student

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