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Student-Coach Leadership Experience


This program is for our seasoned Ocean School students who have been with us before, know and love the program and are now wanting to step up and share their stoke and learning!

The Student-Coach Leadership program is designed for kids ages 11-13 to develop their confidence and leadership skills. We will provide the knowledge and resources to set them up for success in leading and helping other students enrolled in current program offerings.

Student-Coaches can expect to gain and grow in the following areas:

Responsibility  •  Self Awareness  •  Self Confidence  •  Problem Solving  •  Teambuilding  •  Communication  •  Leadership & Taking Initiative

In addition to ample opportunities to take lead and initiative, Student-Coaches will still get to surf and enjoy water time for themselves, surf, play and join in on all the fun that is learning outside at the beach!


  • Has done 1+ full season of Ocean School

  • Loves the ocean

  • Excited and willing to share the stoke!



Contact Jenn at / 619-886-1026

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