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Parent & Student Testimonials

"This is one of the best local surf schools in San Diego. They focus on teaching kids respect for the ocean and each other, surfing etiquette, and taking care of the beach . No other camps we've tried have offered this holistic experience with beach and surf culture ."

Lisa Carulli

"I really appreciated the lessons on keeping the beach and ocean clean and doing this through picking up litter each day! A great way to help instill responsibility to the kiddos while still having tons of fun surfing and playing beach games! Thank you!"


Molly Colvin

"Of all the camps, lessons and programs my daughter has participated in over the years, Ocean School by far has been her favorite. She's always excited to get there and returns home completely pumped. Cassidy is hooked!"


Wendy Bradanini

"I LOVED that I caught a lonnnng wave and Ms Jenn helped me every day! Oh, and I made a lot of new friends like Page! Mom, when can I go back?" -Stevie, age 5.


"I can't compliment Ocean School enough! My daughter learned all about surfing, respecting the ocean and the beach at an early age. For that, I thank you! Jenn's communication and flexibility for a busy Mom was outstanding and I always felt safe dropping my 5 year old off at the beach with her!"

Stephanie Schulz, Stevie's mom

"Wylee absolutely loves Ocean School! We have had him in many camps that he enjoys, but eventually tires of. He ALWAYS wants to go to Ocean School! Jenn and Orlando make water safety the highest priority. It is a small group of kids, so they really get to know each other and feel comfortable. Wylee's surfing has improved exponentially with the gentle encouragement and guidance from Jenn and Orlando. Their patience and kindness allow the kids the freedom to explore new things with curiosity and enthusiasm. Wylee learns about respecting the environment and proper surf etiquette. We cannot recommend Ocean School enough - we absolutely LOVE Jenn and Orlando and we are so very grateful for them!"


Diana Riggs

"My daughter has built up her confidence in the ocean. She loves to surf now! Thank you Jenn and Orlando!"

 Silver Gate Elementary Parent

"THANK YOU SO MUCH, Jenn and Orlando!! Adrian has such a fabulous time all week last week. We are so grateful to you two for planning and overseeing such a fun, interesting and enriching program. We look forward to more in the months and years to come :)"


Abigail Andrews

"Ocean School is THE BEST! The coaches go above and beyond to make each kiddo feel special, seen, and stoked. They meet each kid where they are - and work with them to help them grown into better people. Ocean School is filled with joy. I love picking up my kids after a day with their coaches because they have the biggest and brightest smiles."

Kate Evans

"Mila looks up to Ms Jenn so much! She speaks about her outside of class very often, I believe having a woman to look up to, in surfing, for a little girl has changed Mila's outlook on surfing. What an incredible experience!"

Krystle Peterson

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