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About Ocean School

ocean school kids outdoor play
ocean school outdoor play
ocean school kids outdoor play

We believe that every child has the ability to learn, and to love to learn.

We believe that learning can be fun and playful. We believe that school can be a stimulating, inspiring, uplifting space. We believe that the best learning centers are without walls.

So is Ocean School: a nature-based and heart-centered approach to education and enrichment in the lives of our children. A living classroom where we can see, hear, smell and touch the ocean wherever we go.

Our all-outdoors and ocean-inspired programs are thoughtfully designed to enrich the mental, physical, emotional development of your child.

Child-Centered Learning and Free Play

Ocean School is a nurturing place that allows children to explore all sorts of concepts freely and to think for themselves. Our child-centered approach to learning gives children the freedom and responsibility to take learning into their own hands. Class sizes are kept small so that each student is given individual attention, validation and appropriate curriculum for their interests, learning style and pace.

In addition to in-depth explorations of child-led topics together, we also have unstructured time for kids to just be kids!... Ocean School is a safe and supportive space for kids to play, to explore, and to learn about the world around them. Free play is not only super fun for them, but it also promotes their physical, social and emotional development, self-regulation, decision making and problem solving skills.

Connecting to Our Bodies and Nature

Throughout the day, we are active and adventurous. Our program includes ocean swims, surf lessons, tidepool explorations and coastal hikes. We provide the right set and setting for kids to become aware and connected to their own body, understand and regulate their emotions, communicate effectively, trust their instincts, take care of themselves, others and the earth.

Connecting with the ocean helps children flourish physically, mentally and emotionally. Surfing and daily contact with the ocean offers an abundance of fundamental life skills, including: self-confidence, self-esteem, physical and mental strength, vigor, balance and coordination, interaction and communication, patience, gratitude, access to flow state and single-pointed focus. Our goal is that children take these skills onto land to navigate through life’s challenges with strength and ease.

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