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We are Orlando & Jenn, nice to meet you!

We are a husband and wife team, partners in a variety of senses, a couple of surfers and ocean lovers at heart.

Ocean School was created by our shared passion for surfing, ocean, core beliefs in the medicine of movement, nature and living an active and healthy lifestyle.

Jenn lacey surf teacher

JENN LACEY  Co-Founder & Lead Teacher

Jenn has long regarded the ocean as her greatest teacher. The ocean is her happy place and home; her favorite childhood memories are the long summer beach days spent swimming, playing and riding the waves in San Diego.


She received her B.A. in Psychology from Point Loma Nazarene University, particularly fascinated with holistic healing, the transformative and therapeutic properties of the ocean and the connection between surfing and mental health.


With over 12 years of experience working with children and families, Jenn has a heart and vocation for teaching elementary-age students the virtues of outdoor play and instilling a lifelong love and connection to nature, self, and each other. Jenn lived in different parts of South America teaching at alternative education schools, which enhanced her own teaching repertoire immensely by learning and working with different perspectives and methods of education. Jenn resonates most with the philosophy of forest and nature schools, which inspired her ocean-centered outdoor program.


An elementary school teacher, trauma-informed surf instructor, behavior interventionist, integrative nutrition health coach, avid surfer, yogi and ocean advocate, Jenn pours all of her love, passion, knowledge and experience into Ocean School.


ORLANDO SANDRINI COSTA  Co-Founder & Head Surf Coach 

Orlando is from Santa Catarina, Brazil and has been living in San Diego for the last seven years. Living his whole life by the beach, Orlando has a profound connection with the ocean, a strong ability to surf and read waves in a way that few people can. Orlando has been surfing, playing soccer and capoeira since he was six years old. A natural athlete, Orlando excels in any sport he puts his mind to; however, surfing is his main priority these days.


After 15 years of devout practice and training, Orlando graduated as a capoeira teacher. After 8 years of surfing competitively, Orlando became a co-founder and board member at his local surf association in Brazil, organizing surf contests and working as a surf instructor.

Orlando studied physical education to expand upon his body awareness and impart his passion and expertise for surfing and other sports. As our surf and sports coach, Orlando adds much  “physical literacy”—listening to our bodies, understanding and taking initiative of our own health and wellness—to the program, along with Brazilian Portuguese language immersion, undying vigor and spirit.

Additional Surf Coaching Offerings:

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