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One Love.
One Life.
One Ocean.

Connecting children to their hearts, minds and bodies through nature and free play


​Ocean School is an all-outdoors learning program based in San Diego, California. We offer year-round surf lessons, seasonal camps and afterschool programs for children that cultivate joy, inspiration, gratitude and connection to our beautiful ocean and natural world.

Our mission is to help children connect with their hearts, minds and bodies through the wonders of nature and outdoor play. Ocean School is a magical living classroom where we can see, hear, smell and touch the ocean wherever we go. We support kids’ physical, mental and emotional health through nature, movement, mindfulness and breathing, storytelling, creative and expressive arts, collaborative activities, and free play.

Everything that we learn about ties back to the ocean, the interconnectedness of all life, and viewing ourselves as unique expressions that make the world more meaningful. Every day we cultivate love, creativity, respect, honesty, kindness, equality, mindfulness, and compassion for ourselves, our community, nature and all living beings. At Ocean School, we remember our oneness: one love, one life, one ocean!

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