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ocean school kids outdoor play
ocean school kids outdoor play
ocean school kids outdoor play
ocean school kids outdoor play beach clean

Head, Heart, Body

We incorporate practices of love and care for our:

HEAD (mental health)

  • Knowledge of our coastal region, local wildlife, native animals and plants

  • Ability to read the ocean, waves, tides, swells and currents

  • Mindfulness and single-pointed focus through breath and movement

  • Positive thinking through daily reflections and gratitudes

  • Reading, creative writing and storytelling

  • Sharing our own ideas and interests and being validated

HEART (emotional health)

  • Love, kindness and gratitude for ourselves, each other and the world

  • Connection to nature and the seasons

  • Understanding and regulating emotions through group shares, creative and expressive art and movement

  • Laughter... LOTS of laughter

  • Friendship and collaboration through group projects and teambuilding activities

  • Discovering and pursuing all that we love

  • Caring for the earth through beach clean-ups, upcycled projects and community involvement

BODY (physical health)

  • Always honoring + listening to our bodies first

  • Body awareness through movement and breath

  • Endless adventuring... surfing, playing, walking, swimming, hiking, exploring

  • Unstructured play time in addition to organized sports and games

  • Eating healthy foods and staying hydrated

Love, Respect, Give Back to the Ocean

While each child will come in with their own ideas and topics of interest that we can explore in-depth together, there are three overarching themes that will be interwoven in all of our time and learning at Ocean School:

1. Love the Ocean

To cultivate love, curiosity, joy, and connection to our ocean

  • How the ocean is vital for all life

  • Marine life, coastal life, intertidal life and water cycles

  • Tides and their connection to the moon and sun, intertidal life and tidepool explorations

  • All about waves, current, swells and wind

  • Properties, zones, locations, and amazing facts about ocean

  • Great mysteries of the ocean

  • Water time!!!!

2. Respect the Ocean​

To know that the ocean is one of the most powerful natural forces with which we can interact. To be attentive, aware and respectful to the ocean’s elements and conditions.

  • General ocean safety and knowledge

  • Reading the waves

  • Identifying and navigating rip currents

  • How waves/tides/winds affect surfing/swimming

  • Weather and seasonal rhythms of the ocean

  • To know when to go, and to go with the flow!


3. Give Back to the Ocean

To become aware of and feel empowerment through our day-to-day choices. To deepen our intention and actions that ripple into greater communities, living consciously and in community.

  • Ocean conservation projects

  • Minimalist ideals

  • Upcycling and plastic-free challenges

  • Beach clean-ups

  • Community service

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